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VIP Monthly - CSGO

Upgrade your GhostCap account with VIP CSGO and get instant access to exclusive perks.

When you buy VIP CSGO, you get the perks on all supported servers.  

Please take note as to what perks are applied to which server as they differ.

Want 2 months free? Check out VIP CSGO Yearly.

This package lasts for 30 days.

  • VIP Discord Role
  • VIP Scoreboard Tag
  • VIP Chat Crown Tag
  • VIP Queue Skip (Zombie Escape Only)
  • 2x Credit Gain
  • Reset Map Cooldowns (Zombie Escape Only)
  • Private Discord Support
  • No Ads
  • Spray Access
  • AFK Kick Immunity
  • Instant Perk Access
  • Hud Damage
  • Special Weapons Access (Zombie Escape Only)
  • Maid-Chan Commands
  • Autoclaim !daily

Explanation of the perks

VIP Discord Role: This perk gives you a special role in the GhostCap Discord server, which can often come with additional privileges such as access to exclusive channels or higher visibility in the user list.

VIP Scoreboard Tag: Your name on the in-game scoreboard will be tagged as VIP, making you stand out from other players.

VIP Chat Crown Tag: In the in-game chat, your messages will be tagged with a crown symbol, indicating your VIP status to others.

VIP Queue Skip (Zombie Escape Only): In the Zombie Escape game mode, you will be able to skip the queue and join games faster.

2x Credit Gain: You will earn in-game credits at twice the normal rate, allowing you to purchase in-game items or perks faster.

Reset Map Cooldowns (Zombie Escape Only): In the Zombie Escape game mode, you can reset the cooldowns for map changes, allowing you to play your favorite maps more often. You can do this in Discord using the [clearcd command.

Private Discord Support: You will have access to a private support channel on Discord where you can get help or ask questions.

No Ads: You will not see any in-game advertisements.

Spray Access: You will have access to use sprays in the game, which are images or logos that can be 'sprayed' onto walls or other surfaces in the game world. You can equip this using !store in game.

AFK Kick Immunity: You will not be automatically kicked from the game for being AFK (Away From Keyboard).

Instant Perk Access: Any perks or benefits you purchase will be instantly available to you in the game.

Hud Damage: You will be able to see the damage you deal to enemies on your in game Heads-Up Display (HUD).

Special Weapons Access (Zombie Escape Only): In the Zombie Escape game mode, you will have access to special weapons that are not available to non-VIP players such as AWP, Auto snipers etc.

Maid-Chan Commands: You will have access to special commands in the game that are provided by the Maid-Chan Discord bot. Type [help in Discord to learn more.

Autoclaim !daily: You will automatically claim your daily rewards in the game, so you won't miss out even if you forget to do it manually.

Please note that these perks last for 30 days and apply to all supported servers. Some perks are specific to certain game modes, as indicated.